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Issue 229: F/M/K?


What happens when three CBQties get drunk, put comic book characters names into a hat, and play the seminal Sunday School game…


Play along with us!



02 2014

Issue 224: Pump and Dump!


LegionTonyL, Scavenger, and Steele start by playing a short superhero guessing game then discuss which comics they are pumped about and which they are ready to dump! Do you agree with our picks?



12 2013

Issue 222: Marvel Movies vs. DC Movies!


Wherein Saro, Steele, and StevieD run down the list of all Marvel and DC movies and rate them! From Howard the Duck to Man of Steel we dish the dirt and argue over which ones rule and which ones suck! Do you agree with our ratings?


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11 2013

Issue 199: Superior Spider-bitches!


It’s crazy-town banana-pants when Superior Steele and Superior Saro-Skype discuss the new Superior Spider-Man series. Peter’s dead, or is he?

If you’re reading SS-M you’ll love our quickie and if you’re not reading it? Well, you may be inspired to pick up this surprisingly amazing spider series. 

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03 2013

Avengers punching X-men! The Final Kick to the Crotch!


Sweet baby Jesus in the manger! We are finally at the end of the mega-super-awesome(?)-crazy event of the year, Avengers vs. X-Men. This has been going on since April. A six month crapathon that tested my patience and actually convinced me to drop a few Marvel titles in the process. To put it in perspective, during this six-month event CERN discovered/created the Higgs boson, we landed a rover on Mars, the Olympics came and went. Dick Clark died. Chris Hemsworth starred in four movies. Chad Ochocinco married and divorced. And Leifeld thankfully quit DC.  Before I review the final issue let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and do a “previously on”…

Behold my veiny member!

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10 2012

Avengers punching X-Men! Part 10


Here we are the penultimate AvX book. The 11th in the series. If these were James Bond films this one would be Moonraker. The awful movie where a crazy ego-maniac obsessed with power is hell-bent on destroying every human on earth and re-populating it with a hand-picked superior race. I think that says it all.

By the way, remember the big reveal at the end of the last AvX book where the kewpie doll alien known as THE WATCHER showed up in the last panel and presumably it was…awesome? Well, I guess The Watcher had had enough and high-tailed it outta there because it’s nowhere to be seen in this issue. Read the rest of this entry →


09 2012

Avengers punching X-Men! Part 8


So I made a deal with the devil. I told him that if he gave me a giant wiener that I would take any tit-for-tat he wanted to dole out. Sadly, it was actually a Dirt Devil™ and I got a foot-long all-beef Coney Island wiener instead. I should have been more specific. Luckily, my punishment was also off-the-mark which is why I have to read the AvX series to completion. Here we are at 9/12 of the way through (that’s ¾ right? I’m not good at fractions.) And luckily this issue is pretty decent. It seems that every third issue doesn’t completely suck so they have a better batting average than every Chicago Cubs player (True. I looked it up.)

That being said- you can find all previous ApX reviews here if you want to catch up. Now, on to the punching…

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08 2012

Issue 185 – The Amazing Spider-man review and more!


Steele!, Legion TonyL, StevieD, and Pattyboom (live and not via Skype) give their review of the movie no one asked for: The Amazing Spider-man! Plus, they discuss Earth 2 issue 3, their favorite comic recommendations, and much more!

Plus, why does Grundy look like a porn star? Listen up, friends!:  



07 2012

Avengers punching X-Men – part 3!


Welcome back to CBQ and to another recap of the ongoing, never ending, infinitely annoying, Avengers punching X-Men series. Thus far we have recapped AvX issues 0-3 plus the far more entertaining limited punching series where we have seen such battles as Iron Man v. Magneto! The Thing v. Namor! If you haven’t read my recaps on these issues I recommend, nay, insist that you do so now. You can find them here and here. Now, let’s begin…

Avengers punching X-men – Part 3!

Previously on Av(p)X: The Phoenix force wants to rape Hope Summers. Avengers work for the law and order: SVU and are opposed to it. The X-ies and morally ambiguous at best and have pent up sexual tensions because their powers usually don’t allow for coitus so they are leaning towards letting it happen just ‘cause. Also, Wolverine wants to film it for X-tube.  Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012

Avengers punching X-Men – part 2!


Avengers punching X-men – Part 2!

Previously in Avengers punching X-Men…Not a lot of punching. So far The Phoenix Force (tPF) is headed towards earth and ready to possess Hope Summers. The Avengers want to sequester her while the X-Men want to exploit her in hopes that tPF will create new mutants. Read the first recap HERE then let’s move on to…

Issue 2!

The Avengers have brought a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile super fortress helicarrier to the X-Men base of Utopia. This doesn’t seem particularly fair especially since there are 16 A’s vs. 21 X’s but what do I know? Now that we are 4 issues into this event we can finally get some punching. Right? I was promised punching. So page 1 gets right to it with …talking. The X-Men talking. The Avengers talking. At least Namor has the grace to speak for the audience when he says “The time for talk has passed.” Namor, I wish you would have said that in issue 0. Then “all hell breaks loose” when Colossus flies up and crashes through the helicarrier. LET THE PUNCHING BEGIN! Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012