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Issue 233: EastSiders and the Marvel/DC binge and purge!


Steele talks to the multi-talented, adorable, and all-around nice guy – Kit Williamson! Creator, writer, and star of the immensely popular LogoTV exclusive web series, and upcoming web comic, EastSiders. We discuss the series,  tank tops, Kit’s Serenity/Firefly connection, his favorite comics, and what’s in store for season 2.

Plus Steele then discusses his current reading disorder. Binge-ing on Marvel comics and purging most of his DC subscriptions. It’s a sad day when even The Flash is trash!

Be sure to check out, We Will Bury You by Brea and Zane Grant, and The Young Protectors by Scott Woolfson.

Listen here!:  



05 2014

Ep226: New Years Flashback – Their Favorite Legion

LSH300 and Legion Lost

StevieD's and The Scavenger's favorite Legion Stories


This is a special double wayback episode recorded a couple of months ago.    In part 1, StevieD and I talk about his favorite legion story and in part 2, CBQScavenger and I talk about his favorite legion story.

Part  1 was recorded in a coffee shop so apologies for the background noise.  Part 2 starts around the 26 and a half minute mark and was recorded in a different (and quieter location) so you can jump ahead if you’d like.  Either way, both parts are super-fun.

FYI:  I’ll be taking a break from the podcast in 2014 but the rest of the CBQties will keep recording for our pleasure!  Feel free to follow me on my personal Twitter @legiontonyl  Thanks for listening and enjoy the shows! Happy 2014 everyone!




01 2014

Ep 225 Throwback Thursday – The Phantom Zone TBP

The cover for the Phantom Zone TBP

They are in the ultimate bubble!

Join Steele! and LegionTonyL as we flash back to the early 80′s and review “The Phantom Zone” tradepaperback that was recently released.  Originally recorded in August but never heard until now!

Learn what made LegionTonyL fall in LOVE with Supergirl, dance to the sounds of the Bizzaro music scene and enjoy a trip to the hell that is…. THE PHANTOM ZONE!



12 2013

Issue 216 – The Library is OPEN! Reviews ahead


Cover images

What’s up Queerkateers!  The CBQ team is is back with reviews of recent books including the Legion of SuperHeroes 23 (aka End of an Era XXCCIV), Trillium, Buffy, Astro City, Earth-2, Fan Favorite Kevin Keller and the upcoming Afterlife with Archie.

Strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



08 2013

Issue 165 – Scavenger and TonyL do a quickie in a quickie!

FF, Legion Lost, X-Men Regenesis and Alpha Flight images

These books are totally Queer!

Hey Queerkateers, it’s another exciting quickie from CBQ land. The Scavenger and TonyL read some comics and talk about them. We even do a quickie in the quickie at the end (The Shade)   4 minutes per review too long? Try 30 seconds!

Don’t forget to vote for ComicBookQueers at for the best LGBT podcast.  We’re here, we’re queer and we love comics!



10 2011