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Issue 229: F/M/K?


What happens when three CBQties get drunk, put comic book characters names into a hat, and play the seminal Sunday School game…


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02 2014

Issue 224: Pump and Dump!


LegionTonyL, Scavenger, and Steele start by playing a short superhero guessing game then discuss which comics they are pumped about and which they are ready to dump! Do you agree with our picks?



12 2013

Avengers punching X-men! The Final Kick to the Crotch!


Sweet baby Jesus in the manger! We are finally at the end of the mega-super-awesome(?)-crazy event of the year, Avengers vs. X-Men. This has been going on since April. A six month crapathon that tested my patience and actually convinced me to drop a few Marvel titles in the process. To put it in perspective, during this six-month event CERN discovered/created the Higgs boson, we landed a rover on Mars, the Olympics came and went. Dick Clark died. Chris Hemsworth starred in four movies. Chad Ochocinco married and divorced. And Leifeld thankfully quit DC.  Before I review the final issue let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and do a “previously on”…

Behold my veiny member!

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10 2012

Avengers punching X-Men! Part 10


Here we are the penultimate AvX book. The 11th in the series. If these were James Bond films this one would be Moonraker. The awful movie where a crazy ego-maniac obsessed with power is hell-bent on destroying every human on earth and re-populating it with a hand-picked superior race. I think that says it all.

By the way, remember the big reveal at the end of the last AvX book where the kewpie doll alien known as THE WATCHER showed up in the last panel and presumably it was…awesome? Well, I guess The Watcher had had enough and high-tailed it outta there because it’s nowhere to be seen in this issue. Read the rest of this entry →


09 2012

Avengers punching X-Men: Part 5!


Okay, I am going to admit it. I have been pooping all over AvX for the past few weeks but guess what, issue six is actually pretty decent. And it’s long – 38 pages of story. Plus, things are starting to happen, it’s not all punch this and kick that. Issues 0-5 could have been condensed into 3 issues max but it gave me something to complain about, which is one of my top three favorite activities (the other two being masturbating and clog dancing…simultaneously.) This issue jumps around a lot. Both in location and time so bear with me. (or bare with me since as I type this I am nude – but only from the waist to the knees. Use your gaymagination.)

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06 2012

Avengers punching X-Men: Part 4!


Avengers punching X-men – Part 4!

Hey yinz guys! Guess what?! We are at issue #5 of AvX. We almost halfway there. We are 5/12 there. Which means that we (and by we, I mean me) still have 7 goddamned issues left to read. If you are wondering how my emotions and energy level has been thus far for this series, I will sum it up this way: Issue 1 was fun. Issue 2 was fun-ish. In issue 3 the cracks started to show and not good cracks like Captain America’s crack. Bad ones like Red Hulk’s which is all inflamed and dry. Issue 4 I realized that this will be painful if I am not reading the gazillion weekly cross-over comics, and now we arrive to issue 5 where I am getting AvX fatigue because nothing is happening and we aren’t even halfway done. Let’s hope that issue 6 gets us over the hump and 7 picks up steam but I doubt it. It’s been like a roller coaster that goes up a hill really quickly, flies off the tracks, and then takes 4 and a half months to crash into the Earth. Let’s see what is in store for us today…

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06 2012

In Case You Missed It: January 12, 2011


“In Case You Missed It” is a queer-oriented recap of the past week’s comics, with an emphasis on highlighting the issues most relevant to GLBTQ readers.  The Scavenger promises to avoid major spoilers, and hide minor ones, but some basic plot details will be revealed in the reviewing.  Please read responsibly.

He’s Twice the Villain the Orphan-Maker Was

The third issue of Jim McCann’s Widowmaker hit the stands this week, the Marvel limited series that features Hawkeye, Mockingbird, the Black Widow, and, for positively no good reason, Dominic Fortune.  Widowmaker is scripted by Jim McCann, and he’s One Of Us, so homonerds have at least one good reason to pick this book up.  Clint Barton is at his dreamy best - even portrayed by David Lopez’s clunky pencils – and he manages to throw out a complicated show tunes reference (Hawkeye, that is; the Scavenger is unsure how familiar David Lopez is with Les Miserables).
Great for fans of: Russians; Geriatric Ninja Geishas
Only so-so if you’re into: Coherent storytelling

So Scandalous
Secret Six #29
Secret Six
The second half of Catman & Company’s crossover with Action Comics, and the first issue since the *ahem* Skartaris issues.  Scandal Savage’s beyond-dysfunctional relationship with her father, supervillain/unfrozen caveman lawyer Vandal Savage, is developed more in this issue, and several defining moments from the younger Savage’s childhood are brought to light.  No big reveals about her first lesbian experience yet, but then, that is why fanfic was invented.  In addition to these new contributions to Scandal’s character, this issue also features a delightfully snarky one-liner from Deadshot.
Pros:  No Catman-as-Warlord; no Wild West Elseworlds
Cons:  No explanations for folks who aren’t reading Action Comics; no reason for the other Secret Five to be in this issue

I Don’t Recall Seeing You in that Two-Page Photo Spread

I Am an Avenger #5
I Am an Avenger is a the comic-book equivalent of a mixtape (Oh, how embarrasing, to reveal one’s age; the Scavenger meant to say ‘playlist’ or iSomething, he is sure), a collection of various stories of varying quality, all featuring one or more members of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  The very last of these stories is written and drawn by the estimable Alan Davis, and stars the Young Avengers.  Nary a nod at Hulkling and Wiccan’s orientation to be found here, unfortunately.  Mr. Davis depicts the boyfriends standing at opposite ends of every panel.  Also, they are on their way to play baseball.  Certainly they’re having less fun here than they were (about to) in The Children’s Crusade.  The Scavenger doesn’t mean to suggest that gay characters must wear their orientation on their sleeves, but he appreciates the casual affection this particular couple demonstrates for one another in nearly every other appearance they’ve ever made.  Ever.  Perhaps this issue was a Secret Invasion flashback.
Good for:  Completists
But not good for:  Anyone else


01 2011