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Issue 237: Flash-cast!


The return of PattyBoom means that Saro and Steele have a lot to catch up on. We start in Central City then take a few detours to Star City, Gotham, and Hell among other places. Then we take a pit stop to dish Age of Ultron. It’s all TV all the time since small tube superheroes are the new in print heroes (at least for the time being.)  Hop aboard!


Listen here:  


10 2014

Review: Steele reads it* Trinity War Part 3!


(*So you don’t have to)

Trinity War: Part 3 of 6!

Because when you hear the word Trinity you immediately think of 6.

Previously in the War. Pandora is a bitch, Superman is a bastard, and Trevor is a Question.

So here we are in Justice League Dark #22. The art is by Mikel Janin and it is SO much better than the shit-show by Doug Mahnke in JLA #6. Okay kids, remember when Madame Xanadu’s International House of Psycakes was blown up? Guess what, she’s not dead. Not that anyone thought she would be.   Read the rest of this entry →


08 2013

Issue 153 – What I meant to say was… We do quickies… quickie reviews that is!

Not so secret now

I'm not wearing this costume - Amythyst

While we edit the special “Liberation” episode, Legionnaire Lynot brings you quickie reviews of Secret 7 #2, World of Flashpoint #2 and Adventure Comics #528.   Books just came out two days ago and there are some spoilers so listen at your own risk!   Tweets from listeners and ‘casters are featured.

Bottom line:  Read them!

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07 2011

Episode 149 What I meant to say was… Secret Seven Rocks!

Learn the secrets of Shade in Secret Seven #1

Look out you sexy bitches!

Avoiding Flashpoint like the plague?  You’re missing out on a great mini-series.  TonyL gives the queerkateers a quickie about Flashpoint Secret Seven, the 3 issue mini-series from Peter Milligan and (mostly) George Perez.

Plenty of spoilers in this issue!  Including some answers to the questions:  Who is the Changing Man?!

The madness is calling and it’s saying: listen to TonyL… if you dare!



06 2011