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Issue 238: Save Constantine!


Hey Queerkateers! It’s mid-season time! Time to save our favorite new shows!  LIKE CONSTANTINE! #SAVECONSTANTINE! Lil’ Matt Ryan needs you to watch! DC COMICS needs you to watch! NBC needs you to watch! Perhaps Sarospice’s bawk and Martin Anton Gleason’s MANPAIN will convince you to watch! It’s HEAVEN VS. HELL! It’s GOOD VS. EVIL! It’s about an hour of your life, luv! A cupper and a fag! (What? It means cigarette).



12 2014

Issue 237: Flash-cast!


The return of PattyBoom means that Saro and Steele have a lot to catch up on. We start in Central City then take a few detours to Star City, Gotham, and Hell among other places. Then we take a pit stop to dish Age of Ultron. It’s all TV all the time since small tube superheroes are the new in print heroes (at least for the time being.)  Hop aboard!


Listen here:  


10 2014

Issue 236: ♫ Let’s talk about Gotham, baby! Let’s talk about Fish Mooney!♫


…Let’s talk about all the good guys and the bad guys that may be! ♫ Saro and Steele-o discuss the first three episodes of Gotham after a brief Blacklist tangent. Are you loving the show? Hating it? Hate to love it? Love to hate it? Let us know!

Listen here!  

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10 2014

Issue 235: A Legion lost?


Steele and LegionTonyL are back after a summer hiatus to discuss a long-lost Legion issue that had everyone talking! But first we dish some CAKE. Yummy-yumms.

Listen here!:  

Who can it be now?!


09 2014

Issue 233: EastSiders and the Marvel/DC binge and purge!


Steele talks to the multi-talented, adorable, and all-around nice guy – Kit Williamson! Creator, writer, and star of the immensely popular LogoTV exclusive web series, and upcoming web comic, EastSiders. We discuss the series,  tank tops, Kit’s Serenity/Firefly connection, his favorite comics, and what’s in store for season 2.

Plus Steele then discusses his current reading disorder. Binge-ing on Marvel comics and purging most of his DC subscriptions. It’s a sad day when even The Flash is trash!

Be sure to check out, We Will Bury You by Brea and Zane Grant, and The Young Protectors by Scott Woolfson.

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05 2014

Issue 231: Rap with Cap!


Saro, StevieD, and Steele discuss Captain America 2: Winter Soldier


And yes, Steele is aware that he said “Baron von Zemo” when he meant Arman Zola. LISTEN ANYWAY!



04 2014

Issue 230 – Return of the CBQ Podzine



CBQ Podzine #2!

Segments included:

TV With a TG – Saro spices it up by watching Justice League: War. She let’s us know what it’s good for!

What’s The Issue? - This time around, Steele reads issue 2 of the 1993 U.S. Agent mini-series! Why? So you won’t have to!

Blow My Load - Scavenger and stevieD take turns shooting off quick reviews of their weekly comics load! Innuendo…isn’t it great?!?


02 2014

Issue 229: F/M/K?


What happens when three CBQties get drunk, put comic book characters names into a hat, and play the seminal Sunday School game…


Play along with us!



02 2014

Issue 228 – CBQ Podzine #1


How about a new episode? This time around we’re doing it magazine style! New Segments! Same ol’ Queers!

First we have Steele reading a comic he’s never read before in his feature What’s The Issue? He reads an issue of the West Coast Avengers…so you don’t have to!

Next up Scavenger walks us through two different comic series with similar themes in Who Wrote It Best? This time around, it’s Avengers Arena vs. Deathmatch!

Finally we wrap it up with stevieD talking to cartoonist/editor Robert M. Kirby about his new project from Northwest Press called Q33R!

Give it a listen!


02 2014

Issue 224: Pump and Dump!


LegionTonyL, Scavenger, and Steele start by playing a short superhero guessing game then discuss which comics they are pumped about and which they are ready to dump! Do you agree with our picks?



12 2013