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Issue 229: F/M/K?


What happens when three CBQties get drunk, put comic book characters names into a hat, and play the seminal Sunday School game…


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02 2014

Issue 224: Pump and Dump!


LegionTonyL, Scavenger, and Steele start by playing a short superhero guessing game then discuss which comics they are pumped about and which they are ready to dump! Do you agree with our picks?



12 2013

stevieD Says – Earth 2 #14


Earth 2 #14: James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, Dezi Sienty, Pete Pantazis

What happens when a world goes to war? The “wonders” of the world fly into action! In Earth 2 #14, we see the Fab Lantern, Dr. Sparkle, and the American Ninja Warrior rush into the island nation of Dherain to defeat the despot from Apocalypse, Steppenwolf…or were they going to a concert? What they were really doing, as we read on, is creating a PR coup for themselves. To convince the world it’s ok to wear tights and have flashy powers and to beat up people. And that they might actually take down a contender for world domination is just a happy bonus.

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07 2013

Issue 185 – The Amazing Spider-man review and more!


Steele!, Legion TonyL, StevieD, and Pattyboom (live and not via Skype) give their review of the movie no one asked for: The Amazing Spider-man! Plus, they discuss Earth 2 issue 3, their favorite comic recommendations, and much more!

Plus, why does Grundy look like a porn star? Listen up, friends!:  



07 2012

Issue 182: It gets gayer! Podcasting about the gay green lantern *swish!*

  • "My weakness is wood. Tee hee!"

    After receiving some geek gifts, Scavenger, SaroSpice, Legion Tony L, and Steele! talk gay, gay, and gay! The DC “iconic” main stream character would come out as a “male gay”. Who could it be?* Plus the Northstar Nuptials and which X-Man is trying to steal their gay thunder. Also we ask the ever pressing question: “is Doop gay?” and we ruminate on who should be gay and who should not. Also, what about trans characters. Hmmm. Lots to discuss…

    *Spoiler alert, it’s Alan Scott the lavender lantern on Earth 2. Wait…Earth 2? All gays are now relegated to an alternate universe? We’ll see about that!



06 2012