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Avengers punching X-Men! Part 10


Here we are the penultimate AvX book. The 11th in the series. If these were James Bond films this one would be Moonraker. The awful movie where a crazy ego-maniac obsessed with power is hell-bent on destroying every human on earth and re-populating it with a hand-picked superior race. I think that says it all.

By the way, remember the big reveal at the end of the last AvX book where the kewpie doll alien known as THE WATCHER showed up in the last panel and presumably it was…awesome? Well, I guess The Watcher had had enough and high-tailed it outta there because it’s nowhere to be seen in this issue. Read the rest of this entry →


09 2012

Avengers punching X-Men – part 3!


Welcome back to CBQ and to another recap of the ongoing, never ending, infinitely annoying, Avengers punching X-Men series. Thus far we have recapped AvX issues 0-3 plus the far more entertaining limited punching series where we have seen such battles as Iron Man v. Magneto! The Thing v. Namor! If you haven’t read my recaps on these issues I recommend, nay, insist that you do so now. You can find them here and here. Now, let’s begin…

Avengers punching X-men – Part 3!

Previously on Av(p)X: The Phoenix force wants to rape Hope Summers. Avengers work for the law and order: SVU and are opposed to it. The X-ies and morally ambiguous at best and have pent up sexual tensions because their powers usually don’t allow for coitus so they are leaning towards letting it happen just ‘cause. Also, Wolverine wants to film it for X-tube.  Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012

Dazzlered & Confused Episode 3 – with Pixie, Anole and Luke Cage – OH MY!


Dazzler tries to increase her podcast cred by hiring a sound engineer and a news guy. So she’s enlisted X-Men, Pixie and Anole to help her out. February is black history month, and in an effort to make her podcast more diverse, she gets Luke Cage to come on as a guest. You’re not going to believe what happens next, but let’s just say that a certain hell dimension comes into play.


02 2011

Dazzlered & Confused Episode 2 – featuring Rogue!


Dazzler and Rogue come together to talk about the old days in the outback. Rogue also discusses how her sex life has changed now that she has contorl over her powers. And let me tell you, the girl is whoring it up! (Voice Talent by the incomparable Evil Jeff & Nic Bean).



01 2011

Dazzlered & Confused – Episode 1!


She’s an X-men. She’s a singer. She’s a fag hag. She’s Dazzler! And now she has her own show! Welcome to Dazzlered and Confused, where Dazzler dishes on all the Marvel Gossip, while shamelessly promoting herself. In this first episode, Dazzler talks about her audition for the new Spiderman musical, Storm throws some serious Kenyan shade, and then there’s an intervention for Northstar. This is one podcast that is too hot to be missed!



12 2010

Issue 127 – Revenge of Pulp Book Nancy Boy Theater!


Grab your blue eyeshadow and Gather the family around the radio it’s time for another installment of Pulp Book Nancy Boy Theater! This week, we thrill to the adventures of everyone’s favorite pop singing white supremest (alleged)…the DAZZLER!

Listen with your own ear sockets how this dashing disco diva dazzles L.A.’s infamous nightclubs only to confront her darkest fears and her most hated enemy! 


08 2010

Episode 113 – Larry King interviews Dazzler!


Catch up with Necrosha and Utopia as Dazzler spills the beans with Larry King!




02 2010

Psylocke and Dazzler are giving me shower nozzle masturbation material for weeks.




10 2009

Episode 106 – Evil Jeff interviews Dazzler, Storm and The White Queen – Nuff Said.


We’ll let this little gem speak for itself….


Listen to the Podcast!



10 2009