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C2E2? You too? ME TOO!


Aquaman and Flash in love <3 <3 <3

This C2E2 wrap-up features many firsts: Steele hosting, Steele editing, Steele wearing pants. Listen to StevieD, Tony LegionL, Steele, and Scavenger dish about the 2012 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. It’s so thorough it’s like you were there! So get in the cosplay mood, crack open a bottle of Peroni, and enjoy…




04 2012

“Postscripts from Paradise” a.ka. “Confessions from a (Not So Teenage) Diary of a (Wimpy) Gay Indie Comic Creator”


By Brian Andersen

Indie comic creator behind “So Super Duper,” “Friend of Dorothy,” “Reignbow & Dee-Va,” “Sex and the Superhero” and lots of other super gay stuff!

DAY ONE: Friday: Number of comics sold – more than I can count on one hand, less than I can count on two hands

Although not a newbie to the San Francisco based comic book (and gaming, TV and movie) extravaganza known as WonderCon (I’ve attended the event for years as a fanboi and actually co-exhibited last year with a few of my dear-queer friends) I entered the convention floor with equal amounts cheer and intrepidation.

Would anyone care? Would any GLBT’ers actually fork over some of their hard-earned recession proof dough for one of my brightly-colored, funny books? Would any of my fellow gay geeks even bother to stop at my teeny-tiny indie slice of heaven hidden amidst a huge-ass convention hall filled to the rafters with comic goodness?

I was happy to be sharing my space with my fellow local queer comic creators Desmond Miller of Slumberland Press, Gene Guillette of RLT Press, and unofficial co-guest Rich Boutell, owner of “Whatever…” comics in the Castro, and the writer and creator behind the new hit comic book series “InterSections.” I was thankful I wouldn’t be facing the weekend alone.

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04 2011

Issue 141 – CBQTC2E2ROFL



The queers gather around and discuss their experiences at this year’s C2E2! You can be a fly on the wall for the drunken conversation between far too many queers. We have stevieD, PattyBoom, John, Joe, Sarospice, TonyL and joined by special guests Tony Breed (Charlie & Finn Are Hitched) and Steele a newbie comic reader whom we’ve pulled into the fold.

WARNING: This is another of those eps where you’ll want to keep your finger near the volume button. Sorry about that, but we are working on the sound issues.



03 2011

Issue 133 – New York Comic Confabulation


You may not have made it to the New York Comic Con this year, but stevieD did and he’s chatting about it with his friends PattyBoom, Ray, and Bill! Listen to the queers talk about what and who they saw. Listen to the wine overtake PattyBoom! Listen to stevieD deftly pretend as if he knows who Joe Staton is talking about!



10 2010

Issue 129 – Revenge of the C2E2 Panel!


In honor of Read Comics in Public day, Steve gathered together the panelists from last April’s “Chicago Gays in Comics” C2E2 panel. Listen to what you missed! This super-sized episode includes Dale Lazarov loving man-hair, Kris Dresen drawing realistic boobs, Tony Breed and his obsession with Dazzler’s gladiator days and Saro saying all the right things.

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09 2010

Issue 126 – ComicCon and Beyond!


Brett, EvilJeff and Steve gather to discuss the news out of the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. The fags then break into a tangent about Walking Dead #75 before moving on to discuss X-Men: Second Coming and Justice Society of America #40. They wrap up with Brett and Steve battling it out in a Scottish accent-off!

(and at the very end, Steve realizes he shouldn’t believe everything he sees on the internet)



07 2010

Issue 118 – Wonder Zan!


In this episode, stevieD and Eric catch up with one of their favorite queer indie creators, Zan Christensen (Mark of Aeacus; Prism Comics) who was gracious enough to call us from WonderCon in San Francisco to let us know how it was going. Zan even shares with us who won this year’s Prism Comics Queer Press Grant (click on the link for details on how you can enter!). stevie then gets Ipad envy which leads to a discussion about digital comics and we round out the show with a call from another favorite queer indie creator Brian Andersen (So Super Duper)

Please be aware that some of the links may not be safe for work…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



04 2010

Episode 102 – ComiCon 2009 (and Harry Potter too)


ComiCon 2009 – Success or Bust? The bitter queerkateers have no idea. They weren’t there. So they had to rely on listeners…well actually one listener to give us the deets. Meanwhile, we decided to talk Harry Potter. Admit it – you saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Admit it – you got all tingly (down there) when you saw Ron grasp his…broom. And you could have sworn he was looking right at you through the silver screen with those hot Ginge eyes of his. Sigh. Anyway, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. The Hot Topics include: Harry Potter, ComiCon 2009, the comic podcast – Chronic Insomnia, listener calls, and of course the latest from Marvel, Image and DC!

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07 2009