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Issue 234 – Final Crisis of C2E2 2014




Here it is…FINALLY! In an extra long episode, we present to you the audio from the Geeks Out presents Gay Characters and Creators panel moderated by stevieD! Then, listen to the 2nd annual C2E2 Podcasters Roundtable!


05 2014

C2E2 – Cosplay Roundup


Why hello and welcome to our home! And it's NOT all straight ahead!

So much fantastic cosplay at C2E2 2013.  I think the con has some of the most diverse cosplayers around and some of the hottest!

I’ve seen lots of photo parades, I think our parade features a few players that I  haven’t seen anywhere else!  Enjoy the cosplay and let us know who your favorites were.

Keep your eyes open cause you may see a few of the CBQties in the mix and a few of our favorite creators as well.


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05 2013

Issue 206 – C2E2 Recap

Spark by Ornelas

Art by Bobgar Ornelas from Earth-2 Podcast; Coloring courtesy of LegionTonyL

Cheers, Queers!

C2E2 is over but our coverage is not quite done.

Enjoy the vocal stylings of the CBQties as we talk about our favorite things about C2E2.  Shout-outs galore so listen up and you may be called out.  Plus, we announce the winner of our first ever CBQScavenger Hunt!

Seriously, C2E2 is an amazing show and you all should come next year!

Our cosplay gallery is coming next so come back and check it out!




05 2013

C2E2 2012 Photo Recap


C2E2 is just around the corner and to wet your appetite we’ve put together some of our favorite photos from 2012 for you to enjoy!    We hope to see you there in a few days!  Keep your eyes tuned to the homepage for a special C2E2 game!


These guys don't mess around!

Cap and co!

Do NOT question me! I see a butterfly!

Cool Rocketeer!

There goes The Doctor, getting in the middle of things again!

I am from CHICAGO!

Hawkeye's arms! Wow. Jeremy Renner better watch out!

What happens with Iron Spider meets Iron Chef?

Rock-it Rock-it!

They looked really cool in person.

Golden Age GL


Why so Angry!? You didn't miss the costume contest!

Cool combo lantern look.

One of my favorite costumes of the show!

Zombies in SPAAAAAACE!

Avengers Assemble!

Titans GO!

Oh Please don't punish me!

Invasion! Not so secret though

That's commitment!


I will in fact, cut you if you cross me!

Geez, Bleeze! Why you gotta be so huffy!

C2E2 brings together mutants, wizards, and CM Jr!

That's not a transformer either!

That's not a cosplayer, guys! And definitely not a transformer!

I hope they don't have a Punisher-off!

Damn rules prohibiting arrows!

Now that is some scary stuff!

The Atom was tired! He needed to sit down a spell!

Getting supplies for these costumes must have been fun!

She knows things!

Do not mess with Ms Carpenter!

C2E2 cosplayers are super diverse!

How come my hair won't do that!?

Who's the man? Spider-Man!

Awesome reveal!

Titans Together!



Ryan Stegman is such a nice guy



Will he come as Phoenix Scott in 2013?

Slim Summers

Spider Man

He does do whatever a spider can!

He was packing heat!


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Live Long and Prosper

Cute as a button and nice as can be

Aaron Kuder

I'm super embarrased that I can't remember his name

Creator of one of my fave C2E2 2012 purchases!

Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call? Here's my number.

Morning Glories

Joe Eisma


Isn't that the white lantern symbol

I'm not sure but he looked cool in person

And my name ain't Baby!

She's a Marvel!

New Adventures of Queen Victoria

New Adventures of Queen Victoria

He's so cool

Dave Losso

Welcome to the Matrix

JK Woodward

We did NOT ask for this pose!

Black Widow


Dan Parent



04 2013

C2E2? You too? ME TOO!


Aquaman and Flash in love <3 <3 <3

This C2E2 wrap-up features many firsts: Steele hosting, Steele editing, Steele wearing pants. Listen to StevieD, Tony LegionL, Steele, and Scavenger dish about the 2012 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. It’s so thorough it’s like you were there! So get in the cosplay mood, crack open a bottle of Peroni, and enjoy…




04 2012

Issue 141 – CBQTC2E2ROFL



The queers gather around and discuss their experiences at this year’s C2E2! You can be a fly on the wall for the drunken conversation between far too many queers. We have stevieD, PattyBoom, John, Joe, Sarospice, TonyL and joined by special guests Tony Breed (Charlie & Finn Are Hitched) and Steele a newbie comic reader whom we’ve pulled into the fold.

WARNING: This is another of those eps where you’ll want to keep your finger near the volume button. Sorry about that, but we are working on the sound issues.



03 2011

The Queers Are Taking Over C2E2!


It’s official….the Comic Book Queers will be hosting a panel at C2E2 next month! Come join in on the fun!



02 2011

Issue 129 – Revenge of the C2E2 Panel!


In honor of Read Comics in Public day, Steve gathered together the panelists from last April’s “Chicago Gays in Comics” C2E2 panel. Listen to what you missed! This super-sized episode includes Dale Lazarov loving man-hair, Kris Dresen drawing realistic boobs, Tony Breed and his obsession with Dazzler’s gladiator days and Saro saying all the right things.

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09 2010