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Issue 116 – Heroic Day of the Brightest Age


In this issue, EvilJeff asks stevieD where the DC universe if going after Blackest Night and then proceeds to turn the conversation back to Marvel’s Heroic Age. They do manage to also work in some discussions about comics and a mention of Lost too. The boys discuss Wonder Woman; X-Factor; Fantastic Four and the Walking Dead.



03 2010

Issue 110 – 2 Queers Several Comics


Spider-Man/Spider-Woman Iconic

This time around, EvilJeff and stevieD sit down to talk about what they read, what they liked, what they disliked, what infuriated them and why the “gingers” of California are getting a raw deal.

The boys spoil the hell out of: Blackest Night Wonder Woman; New Avengers; Necrosha; Something with an X; Psylocke; and JSA All-Stars



12 2009

Julia vs. Marvel Divas!


comicbookqueers103Howdy Queerkateers!

EvilJeff and I recorded our road trip to see a movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Along the way we discussed X-Men Forever; Blackest Night; Marvel Divas and junk.

Spoiler level – so high it can see Russia from here

Listen to the podcast!


08 2009