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SPOILER SPICE! A weekly discussion on comics WITH SPOILERS!



Comics reviewed while they are NEW (52) and (Marvel) NOW, and discussing what’s NEXT!!!!!!!

This column is meant to be some real-time talk about the comics that come out weekly, mostly focusing on first issues, last issues, and OMG moments that you’d like to share instead of waiting six months down the line because someone on social media hasn’t gotten through FEAR ITSELF and FINAL CRISIS yet and boo fucking hoo! (Who can blame them really ~ All their friends are tweeting BREAKING BAD and they’ve still got DVR episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to catch up on!)



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01 2014

Issue 224: Pump and Dump!


LegionTonyL, Scavenger, and Steele start by playing a short superhero guessing game then discuss which comics they are pumped about and which they are ready to dump! Do you agree with our picks?



12 2013

Issue 162 – More DCnU Talk? Yes. Yes It Is.


As long as we’re reading it, we’ll cover it! This time around, stevieD, TonyL, Steele and PattyBoom talk about week 2 (or is it 3?) of the New 52! We spoil books like: Batwoman; Demon Knights; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel & Faith and probably something else I can’t remember right now.

Unfortunately, by the end there were some overwhelming audio issues, but it’s a small part. Stick through it and you’ll hear the secret of what PattyBoom does while we’re recording!



09 2011

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (and Fashion Sense-HELLO!).


I recently started playing DC Universe Online, the video game that features me, the fearless queer geek, running around the DC metro of my choice, building up my powers and coming face to face with a bevy of DC’s finest. But before I could zip away to save the world from Brainiac’s hordes I had to create a costume. CREATE A COSTUME. CREATE A COSTUME!?!

Holy shit, as a mode-loving gay, and a comic lover, what the hell am I supposed to do now?!? I’ve been asked to create the focused totality of my fashion prowess personified? And, let’s face it,  I didn’t have some Beyonder-provided machine to read my mind to fabricate my inner hero in a flash.

Would I be simplistic, and clad in retro-chic Legion palettes with crisp gloves, peaked shoulder pads, and stewardess primary color ranges? Would I go 90s loathsome-Leifield over the top mullet crazy with leather jackets, and every belt known to man? Or, perhaps try to create something between Kirby, Apocalyptian Realness and First-Family-Fantastic matchey-matchey, same-same. I wanted to look fabulous, love my character, and still play the game feeling like a gay geek with an individual stylish representation of moi. Can this happen? This is clearly a Crisis on Infinite Earths-scale problem.

This made my simple mind start to think (cue steam sound). What does it take to make a comic book character look memorable, and can it be interesting and fashion-forward, because as the notorious Emma Frost said, “We must be nothing less than fabulous.” And, this is Comic Book Queers, where we can demand such high levels of narcissism, and vanity.

Which brings us back to me, Chimaeraman, who will persevere as CBQ’s own Mr. Watcher-Blackwell and  monitor the perilous pages to bring you the answers to these questions and more.  I will de-code the mode from Attilan to Zamaron filtered through the eyes of an haute couture happy homo.  There will be good, there will be bad, and both hemlines and souls will be shredded with my Swarovski Soulsword. ( I don’t really have one, but one can dream.)

And yes, I’ll let you know how my DCUO character turned out….

First up, I thought I’d start by picking some of my all time favorites:


How can you not love her various incarnations of vermillion Gaultier-esque straps and undead Showgirl splendor?!? Death never looked so beautiful and I totally know that she commissioned Phillip Treacy to create her headpiece – just sayin’.

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02 2011

Issue 119 – He Got Bamfed!


The Queers chime in about the loss of their favorite fuzzy elf

Brett, EvilJeff and stevieD discuss the sorrow they feel over a recent X-Death. They also talk a little bit about Batwoman and finally they come up with an amazing idea for a comic; and yes…it includes Emma Frost.



05 2010

Comics Are For Girls!


There’s a story about Joni Mitchell I’d like to believe is true, not just because it serves it’s purpose so well as an opening for this article. So the tale goes, a journalist once asked her how she felt about being one of the best female singer/songwriters of all time. Joni got very worked up, and walked out of the interview. Her reason? She didn’t see why she had to be set apart from the male songwriters.

We see it all the time, and for some reason it’s perfectly acceptable. Women’s sports leagues, women’s fiction, women’s television channels. It always irks me when I go and pick up my copies of Vogue and Vanity Fair, they’re listed above “Women’s Magazines”. Apparently I should be reading Top Gear, FHM and Nuts. Yes really, there’s a magazine called Nuts. For men. See what they did there? (I am aggravated further that the comic books in my newsagents are under the children’s section, but that’s a whole other story).

So yes, well done to Marvel for trying to give their female characters a little boost, but let’s be serious, it’s not particularly empowering, and it’s not at all pretty. It screams of one word. Token.

Marvel Divas and Models Inc were interesting, but surely fluffy books should not be the tone set for every single female book now. Kathryn Immomen has a particular comedic style and good for her. It worked wonderfully on Hellcat, and the idea was followed on Aguirre-Sacassa’s Marvel Divas and Models Inc.

I respect Models Inc to a degree, as it was an homage to the model comics of the fifties and sixties, but where are the serious books? As fun as these books are, there’s very little repercussion and consequence within them as far as the universe as a whole goes. By the time we’re being exposed to, ugh, “X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back”, which sounds like it should have the additional subtitle of “Electric Boogaloo”, I for one am pretty fatigued.

I don’t think anything needs to be distinctive by gender, race or sexuality. It was a point of contention I ad with Milestone Comics. Did we really need that sort of self-segregation? Then Girl Comics rolls around, with it’s appalling title, an anthology created by women writers and artists. Whatever happened to Marvel Comics Presents? Can women and men not work together? What’s the problem with handing a title like X-Men or Avengers over to a writer like? It’s about time, really. The little pink sandbox stinks of head patting.

Then Heralds was announced, and I thought it was a step in the right direction, until I realised what the title implied. And the story, oh god. Yet another bunch of random female superheroes banding together for no particular reason. Are these comics even selling?

Black Widow And The Marvel Girls, please! What the hell is that? Lest we forget, Devin Grayson and JG Jones produced a beautiful miniseries that revitalised the character in an awesome way. Paul Cornell’s miniseries is nothing short of spectactular, and not getting the fanfare it deserves.

Here’s the thing, the women of Marvel are fine, and I don’t think they need women at the helm to prove anything. Bendis has done a fine job of producing and rebirthing strong females. From his very own Alias to re-shaping Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel. Matt Fraction has done wonders on the X-Books, continuing Morrison’s fine work with Emma Frost and raising Psylocke and Dazzler back to new heights.

They keep trying to find a new Kitty Pryde in Pixie, without realising that Joss Whedon did a beautiful job crafting Armor into a strong, young female X-Man with plenty of potential. The difference being the marketing push was minimal, it relied simply on genuinely talented storytelling, the gender of the writer is not and should not be an issue.

Jodi Picoult on Wonder Woman? Ouch. Gail Simone? Genius. Yet so was George Perez. So gender has very little to do with anything, and is without validation. Greg Rucka has a particular talent for strong female leads, he’s managed to get his beloved Batwoman gracing the covers of Detective Comics, and as a lesbian character that’s a hell of a feat. The difference being he allowed all the ruckus (pardon the pun) to die down, and eventually concentrated on telling a powerful story. It’s worked out.

Of course it would be wonderful to see female writers get better writing and art gigs, and it would be fantastic if one day an all-female team came along, but there’s a million and one team names to choose from, and they don’t have to point out the characters within all have boobies.


03 2010

Episode 101 – This episode is so gay. No, really.

Brett, Evil Jeff and Steve decide to ruminate on how queer the world of comics has become. X-Factor has man on man action. Detective has girl on girl breakups. It’s too much for our faggy little minds to handle! 


Listen to the Podcast!



07 2009