Issue 238: Save Constantine!


Hey Queerkateers! It’s mid-season time! Time to save our favorite new shows!  LIKE CONSTANTINE! #SAVECONSTANTINE! Lil’ Matt Ryan needs you to watch! DC COMICS needs you to watch! NBC needs you to watch! Perhaps Sarospice’s bawk and Martin Anton Gleason’s MANPAIN will convince you to watch! It’s HEAVEN VS. HELL! It’s GOOD VS. EVIL! It’s about an hour of your life, luv! A cupper and a fag! (What? It means cigarette).


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12 2014

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    Dear Comic Book Queers;

    Have you somehow missed the memo? We aren’t “saving” this “straight-washed” version of our beloved queer comic-book hero we are boycotting it!

    Perhaps you’ve overlooked all the articles in that little known magazine “The Advocate”:

    * NBC’s Constantine Won’t Be Bisexual: Why is NBC making DC Comics character John Constantine, better known as Hellblazer, straight?
    * Op-ed: NBC’s Straight-Washing of John Constantine Is Bi Erasure: There aren’t enough bisexual men on TV, and the characters who are bisexual are being made straight.
    * NBC Producer Gets Defensive Over Constantine Bisexual Question: An executive producer insists they ‘never said Constantine wasn’t bisexual’ — but don’t assume that means he is either.

    and then there is the uproar over on Twitter:

    We of the “B” in LGBT are tired of Queer-baiting Media that gives us a wink and a nod while actually laughing at us and erasing us. This is a genuinely canon queer character that the powers-that-be made into a good little straight boy.

    Sorry but we won’t settle any more. We just aren’t interested.

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