Issue 129 – Revenge of the C2E2 Panel!


In honor of Read Comics in Public day, Steve gathered together the panelists from last April’s “Chicago Gays in Comics” C2E2 panel. Listen to what you missed! This super-sized episode includes Dale Lazarov loving man-hair, Kris Dresen drawing realistic boobs, Tony Breed and his obsession with Dazzler’s gladiator days and Saro saying all the right things.

We even went out and actually read comics in public! Here’s pictures to prove it!  Also, here are links to our panelists work and the works they mention in the show!


Kris Dresen:

Kris recommends: ,

Dale Lazarov: (NSFW),

Tony Breed: ,

Tony recommends: ,


And even though Joe Palmer couldn’t make it, we link to him:

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    Just starting listening to this instalment, it’s a hoot.

    And what lovely pictures, you really are a fine-looking bunch. Especially … nah.

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