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THREE THE HARD WAY! Sarospice Dishes Rupaul’s Drag Race!


It’s all cum to this! Three queen enter! One queen leave! Three queen enter! One queen leave! Three queen enter…wha? You think I don’t know THE LAW (hunty)?! WHO WROTE THE LAW?! The jury is HUNG! And OUT! (If we’re lucky!). Until then…..

We're going ridin' in a green screened cadillac!

(WARNING: It’s best to read these reviews AFTER you’ve seen the latest episode OR while you watch! I spoil it all!  It’s not comic books, but it’s certainly queer!)

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04 2013

The CBQ Scavenger Hunt is Here!


Hey, Queerkateers! It’s C2E2 weekend, and that means it’s time for our official CBQ Scavenger Hunt! Remember, you don’t have to be at the con to participate.

The rules are simple:

Step 1: Print out a copy of the official CBQ Scavenger Hunt game card, or pick one up in person at C2E2 by visiting our friends at Geeks Out!

Step 2: Get to snappin’! Recruit your friends! Recruit your enemies! Take pictures of the items listed on the Scavenger Hunt card - BUT REMEMBER, the card itself has to appear in your picture for it to count!

Step 3: Tweet your pics to us! Send them to @comicbookqueers, and use the hashtag #CBQSH. Not a Twitterer? You can also e-mail your photos to We’ll share all the entries we get.

Step 4: Win! (hopefully) Every picture you send us is worth 1 or 2 points (scoring rules will go live Friday morning). You can submit multiple entries in each category, but we’ll only count your best-scoring pics. And, each picture can only count in a single category, even if it has multiple elements in it. Tweet early and tweet often! Duplicate pictures or subjects will not be scored. Each point you earn puts your name in to a drawing for our fabulous CBQ prize pack! A $100,000 value!*  *Not really

Fine print stuff:

Don’t be a jerk. Get your subjects’ permission before taking pictures. If we have to remove your picture, it’s not worth any points.

Be creative! We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Remember: being at C2E2 is NOT a requirement to win! Anyone can play!

Pictures will be accepted from 10am CST on April 26th until 8pm April 28th. We will announce a winner as part of our C2E2 wrapup coverage.

Comic Book Queers is the final arbiter of a picture’s eligibility and point value.

Here’s What You’re Looking For:

One of the CBQties BONUS: More than one of the Qties in the same shot!

A Cosplayer BONUS: The cosplay is of a GLBT character!

A Comic Book Industry Professional BONUS: It’s someone we’ve interviewed or discussed on the show!

A Copy of Alpha Flight #106 BONUS: It’s autographed!

Two (or more) action figures in a suggestive pose BONUS: One of the figures has a nonhuman body type (extra limbs; a tail; figure is a giant head in a floating chair…)!

A Rainbow BONUS: It’s a Pride Rainbow (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Purple)!

A Comic Book Tattoo BONUS: Multiple characters on the same body!

An Original Sketch BONUS …of Power Girl!

Geekdom > Gender Roles - Get us a pic of a fella in a Batgirl t-shirt; or a little girl reading the Punisher  BONUS for gender-swapped cosplay!

A couple: the cuter the better! BONUS: This one’s worth two points automatically!


Here’s the link to the official Game Card:


Happy hunting!



04 2013

C2E2 2012 Photo Recap


C2E2 is just around the corner and to wet your appetite we’ve put together some of our favorite photos from 2012 for you to enjoy!    We hope to see you there in a few days!  Keep your eyes tuned to the homepage for a special C2E2 game!


These guys don't mess around!

Cap and co!

Do NOT question me! I see a butterfly!

Cool Rocketeer!

There goes The Doctor, getting in the middle of things again!

I am from CHICAGO!

Hawkeye's arms! Wow. Jeremy Renner better watch out!

What happens with Iron Spider meets Iron Chef?

Rock-it Rock-it!

They looked really cool in person.

Golden Age GL


Why so Angry!? You didn't miss the costume contest!

Cool combo lantern look.

One of my favorite costumes of the show!

Zombies in SPAAAAAACE!

Avengers Assemble!

Titans GO!

Oh Please don't punish me!

Invasion! Not so secret though

That's commitment!


I will in fact, cut you if you cross me!

Geez, Bleeze! Why you gotta be so huffy!

C2E2 brings together mutants, wizards, and CM Jr!

That's not a transformer either!

That's not a cosplayer, guys! And definitely not a transformer!

I hope they don't have a Punisher-off!

Damn rules prohibiting arrows!

Now that is some scary stuff!

The Atom was tired! He needed to sit down a spell!

Getting supplies for these costumes must have been fun!

She knows things!

Do not mess with Ms Carpenter!

C2E2 cosplayers are super diverse!

How come my hair won't do that!?

Who's the man? Spider-Man!

Awesome reveal!

Titans Together!



Ryan Stegman is such a nice guy



Will he come as Phoenix Scott in 2013?

Slim Summers

Spider Man

He does do whatever a spider can!

He was packing heat!


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Live Long and Prosper

Cute as a button and nice as can be

Aaron Kuder

I'm super embarrased that I can't remember his name

Creator of one of my fave C2E2 2012 purchases!

Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call? Here's my number.

Morning Glories

Joe Eisma


Isn't that the white lantern symbol

I'm not sure but he looked cool in person

And my name ain't Baby!

She's a Marvel!

New Adventures of Queen Victoria

New Adventures of Queen Victoria

He's so cool

Dave Losso

Welcome to the Matrix

JK Woodward

We did NOT ask for this pose!

Black Widow


Dan Parent



04 2013

SUGAR WALLS! Sarospice dishes RuPaul’s Drag Race!


You better work! Top four bitches! Coco finally be gone. It’s Jem and The Holograms! I mean, Jihnx and Rolaxative! Thunderous chords on the piano! DA DA DA! Detox has done the math : Four minus one means TOP THREE! SQUEE!!!!! Please read this in millimeters! They ain’t got pills to fix this mess!

(WARNING: It’s best to read these reviews AFTER you’ve seen the latest episode OR while you watch! I spoil it all!  It’s not comic books, but it’s certainly queer!)

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04 2013

MILITARY CLASSIFIED! Sarospice Dishes RuPaul’s Drag Race!





But Mizz Alyssa is gone! And us?

Yay! That means Cocoa be gone this episode! Shortest review i’ve ever had to write! What? Oh, you don’t get how reality shows work? See, her only reason for being there was THE MOMENT she was gonna have with Alyssa and honey, that’s been DUN! So no reason to keep her around now. Talent? Really? REALLY? Really? Have we been watching the same show? GIRL IS ORANGE!

You still want a review? Well…… O.K. I hate to disappoint my public!

(WARNING: It’s best to read these reviews AFTER you’ve seen the latest episode OR while you watch! I spoil it all!  It’s not comic books, but it’s certainly queer!)

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04 2013

Issue 201: The Tranny Train to Bukkakeville!


Where TrannySpice, StevieDickme, and SteeleErection discuss Saga #12 and the infamous (non-issue) of the Apple ban plus Barbara Gordon’s roommate has a secret! What could it be? Find out on this episode of the CBQPodcast!



04 2013

Is Apple Afraid of Gay Sex?


“Saga,” written by “Lost” scribe Brian K. Vaughan, recently had a digital issue banned by Apple for sale in its comic book app due to “graphic depiction of a gay sex act,” Vaughn revealed Tuesday. Apple did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday from The Washington Post, so what are we left to infer from this decision besides bigotry?

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04 2013

SPANGLISH! ~ Carrera de Drag de platos Sarospice RuPaul!


Estoy convencido de que RuPaul Lee los resúmenes. Me refiero a realmente! Cada vez me emociono sobre algo se asegura que esa chica del hacha a continuación! ¿Quieres Ru para responder de su transfobia? Bye Monica Beverly Hills!

¿Deseo que pudimos ver un Showmance? Hiedra hasta inviernos! I ni voy a mencionar cuánto i le gustaría ver a las chicas enfrentará al español telenovelas… ¿Wha? ¿EH?… BITCHEZZZZZZZZZ!!!

(WARNING: It’s best to read these reviews AFTER you’ve seen the latest episode OR while you watch! I spoil it all!  It’s not comic books, but it’s certainly queer!)

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04 2013

Issue 200 – CELEBRATE!



04 2013