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Issue 181: Queerkateers Quasemble: Marvel’s The Avengers – Movie Wrap-Up


Boxing CapOur Avengers coverage continues with as we put a condom on Marvel’s The Avengers in our movie Wrap-Up. Join StevieD, The Scavenger, Saro Spice, TonyL (with a brief cameo from PattyBoom). What were our favorite moments, our least favorite moments and the “where the heck was that moment?”. Learn which “Growing Pains” star has a good agent (besides Leonardo DiCaprio that is).

Spoilers ahoy so if you haven’t already seen one of the top grossing films of all time, it means you’ve been stuck on a mountain top away from a theatre.  And if that’s the case, focus on getting off the mountain!




05 2012

Avengers punching X-Men – part 3!


Welcome back to CBQ and to another recap of the ongoing, never ending, infinitely annoying, Avengers punching X-Men series. Thus far we have recapped AvX issues 0-3 plus the far more entertaining limited punching series where we have seen such battles as Iron Man v. Magneto! The Thing v. Namor! If you haven’t read my recaps on these issues I recommend, nay, insist that you do so now. You can find them here and here. Now, let’s begin…

Avengers punching X-men – Part 3!

Previously on Av(p)X: The Phoenix force wants to rape Hope Summers. Avengers work for the law and order: SVU and are opposed to it. The X-ies and morally ambiguous at best and have pent up sexual tensions because their powers usually don’t allow for coitus so they are leaning towards letting it happen just ‘cause. Also, Wolverine wants to film it for X-tube.  Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012

Issue 180: What’s Queer About the Avengers?


And so there came a day, a day unlike any other, when LegionTonyL, the Scavenger, and PattyBoom got together to talk about the Avengers. In anticipation of seeing the movie, the CBQties spent some time reminscing about their favorite (and least favorite) Avengers moments. Which Avenger hasn’t been himself lately? Which Avengers do the CBQ gang identify themselves with? Which Avenger is a FABULOUS gay icon?

Note: This episode was recorded prior to the US release of The Avengers, so it is 100% movie spoiler-free!

It's the wrong. fucking. Spider-Woman, PattyBoom.



05 2012

C2E2 2012: The Interviews!


Now in glorious full color!

At this year’s C2E2, StevieD, TonyL, and the Scavenger had the opportunity to chat with some really fantastic comic book creators.

Dave Losso is the Chicago-based writer and artist behind The Great Sandwich Detective and Kill the Wonderhawks. For more on his work, check out

Pab Sungenis writes the weekly webcomic The New Adventures of Queen Victoria, published at

Dan Parent is a prolific writer and artist for Archie Comics, who has most recently been chronicling the adventures of Riverdale’s openly gay teen, Kevin Keller.

Joe Eisma is the regular series artist on Image Comics’ Morning Glories, which recently introduced a gay romance subplot.

Aaron Kuder ( illustrated Key of Z; Amory Wars; and, most recently, an issue of DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes.

Daniel Ketchum is an Associate Editor in Marvel Comics’ X-Office. He oversees Astonishing X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men, X-Men Legacy, and X-Factor. You know, the gay ones.



05 2012

Avengers punching X-Men – part 2!


Avengers punching X-men – Part 2!

Previously in Avengers punching X-Men…Not a lot of punching. So far The Phoenix Force (tPF) is headed towards earth and ready to possess Hope Summers. The Avengers want to sequester her while the X-Men want to exploit her in hopes that tPF will create new mutants. Read the first recap HERE then let’s move on to…

Issue 2!

The Avengers have brought a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile super fortress helicarrier to the X-Men base of Utopia. This doesn’t seem particularly fair especially since there are 16 A’s vs. 21 X’s but what do I know? Now that we are 4 issues into this event we can finally get some punching. Right? I was promised punching. So page 1 gets right to it with …talking. The X-Men talking. The Avengers talking. At least Namor has the grace to speak for the audience when he says “The time for talk has passed.” Namor, I wish you would have said that in issue 0. Then “all hell breaks loose” when Colossus flies up and crashes through the helicarrier. LET THE PUNCHING BEGIN! Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012

Avengers punching X-Men! – part 1


Avengers punching X-Men! – Part 1

We are about a third of the way through this event where The Avengers and the X-Men are putting their temporary BFF status on hold while they beat the shit out of each other for a few weeks. Well, a few weeks for the readers, probably more like a few days for them. In any case it’ll be enough time that they are distracted by chasing Hope and The Phoenix force around that other villains would be stupid not to take advantage and run amok.

Cap and Cyclops enter a deep-throating contest.

This up-to-now round-up is my recap/understanding of A->vsX. Marvel says this will be a 9 issue event but they started with 0 and are doing a 6 issue limited fight series plus multiple spin-off/crossovers so this will most likely be going until September and be about 328 issues. But for this write up I’ll be taking into account Issues 0-3 including the nifty digital 0.5 issue “Infinite”, and the punchathon #1which is ridiculous mess in and of itself.

Let’s start the fight with Issue… 0!

We start issue 0 with M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. attempting to kill some guy named Doctor Udaku. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2012