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KEVIN KELLER REVIEW #2 a.k.a “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?”


I’m casting CLAY MANN in the Kevin Keller movie so… DONE! YOU’RE WELCOME!

I am also saying Dan Parent probably saw him at some comic-con and started the character as his “secret admirer” for Clay. WHY? Cause it gives my review of KEVIN KELLER #2 CONTEXT!

Girl, are you going to review EVERY ISSUE? Well, I don’t know if this answers your question but CREAM CHEESE! Also, it’s queer, rightz? And as I stated in my last article on K. Kellz, I am really trying to warm up to this guy in gay comics history.

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04 2012

C2E2? You too? ME TOO!


Aquaman and Flash in love <3 <3 <3

This C2E2 wrap-up features many firsts: Steele hosting, Steele editing, Steele wearing pants. Listen to StevieD, Tony LegionL, Steele, and Scavenger dish about the 2012 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo. It’s so thorough it’s like you were there! So get in the cosplay mood, crack open a bottle of Peroni, and enjoy…




04 2012

C2E2 2012: The CBQ Panel


Didn’t make it to C2E2? Made it to C2E2 but missed the CBQ panel? Made it to the panel but JUST NEED TO HEAR IT AGAIN?!?

You’re in luck! We recorded the whole thing, and are replaying it here for your benefit.  YOU’RE WELCOME!



04 2012

Issue 179 – Have You Seen What They Did To Wonder Woman?


Some Gays be trippin’ about Wonder Woman up in here!

It’s required by law that, at least once a year, any podcasts having to do with comics and queerdom MUST record a show about Wonder Woman.

stevieD is joined by a round table of Wonder Woman know-it-alls….I mean fans, Brian Andersen, Darren Nowell, Randy Ham, and David Berger. The lads talk about what they do and don’t like about the latest Wonder Woman comics.





04 2012

Fanboys vs. Zombies vs. the trash can


Full disclosure: I have an irrational fear of zombies. They terrify me, yet I am somehow drawn to reading about them, watching shows about them, listening to podcasts about them. It’s a repulsion-attraction thing. Kind of like I am with watersports.

When at Chicago Comics on Wednesday April 4, I spotted “FANBOYS vs. ZOMBIES #1″. Three things made me pick it up: Zombies, the art, it was $1.

First the good news. It was $1

Now the bad news. I want my dollar back.

The art is decent in a “Jay & Silent Bob” cartoon kind of way although the supposed loser nerds are drawn way hotter than real fanboys are. They all look like Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde and Barry Allen and Mark Grayson and not like real people at all.

While I can overlook that, I can’t overlook the horrible dialogue. It’s like an adult trying to seem cool by speaking like a teenager even though teens don’t actually speak like adults think they do. Have you ever heard someone say “It’s chill. I’m hooked to the gills on Advil!” Yo. Snap. OMG. WTF. KMN (That means ‘kill me now’ and I just made it up because the writing gave me a headache and now I need the aforementioned Advils.)

So basically a group of hot nerds are at Comic-Con and someone dumps an energy drink on a hot dog throws it away and then some idiot eats it out of the trash and zombies everywhere.
The characters are unremarkable and the story is peppered with too many in-jokes. It’s like Sam Humphries and Jerry Gaylord (writer and artist respectively) decided to create a story that would only appeal to their small group of friends rather than a larger audience.

This comic is 22 pages long and I started to skim around page 6 then flipped to the end then gave it to a co-worker who refused to read it and said “Um…no. Throw that in the trash can.”



04 2012