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Issue 178 – Sobercast!


In an episode recorded several weeks ago!

The Qties decide to record on a Saturday morning so none of them are drunk (except Tony). The conversation starts out with stevieD, Tony, and PattyBoom talking about what they’ve been reading and their reaction to the Before Watchmen announcement. They are joined by Scavenger and Steele to further discuss books they’ve read.

Queers talking about comics! This is what you wanted, yes?



02 2012

Issue 177 – 3 Dudes Talking About Monsters


When will people realize that I’m the worst interviewer ever? The worst! Oh well, in any case, here is a conversation I have with the creators of Monster Dudes Dave Scheidt and (sensitive artist) Matt Fagan! These guys are funny and know their stuff. Please…listen!


And don’t forget to get your comics & movies from Brainstorm Movies & Comics!!




02 2012

L.U.V. KELLER! Why. Oh. Ewe. YOU WANNA?!



We saw him coming and we didn’t want to know his name.

Kevin Keller. She could never ever be as  fabulous as her sister, Helen, could she?

So much hype over Archie’s “first” gay character (coughjugheadcough) ~ finally an ongoing!

So, what’s going on in Riverdalez nowz?

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02 2012

Episode 176: Steele! Flashes Francis Manapul


Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato – the co-writers of DC’s “The Flash” – were nice enough to give CBQ a call, and Steele! and the Scavenger were on hand with plenty of questions. Give them a listen here, then go pick up their book (which a CBQ Top Pick for 2011)!

And if this interview gets you intrigued about Brian’s new self-published series, “Foster” (it’s great!), read more about it at



02 2012