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Issue 152 – It’s not easy being Green

Step right up and take a whiff!

No need to lose your shorts over this review!

StevieD, Joe, Saro, Patty Boom, TonyL and special guest, Professor of Acting and Directing Craig, sit down to talk about Green Lantern (In theaters now!  Act fast though, after that 64% drop in the 2nd weekend, it may not be there for long).

Fan boys on parade? Serious Movie critique?  This one has it all! Including a live audience twice as large as the last one!  Join the party!

Spoilers ahoy so keep your Red Lantern panties on or we’ll take them hostage like we did GL’s… and then sniff them!



06 2011

Episode 151 – Doublecast: First Class and First Issues (DCnU)


Holy Double Features, Batman!  A special two-part episode recorded in front of a LIVE studio audience!

Magneto was right

I love you CBQ, just the way you are

Part I:  The queerkateers cover X-Men First Class.  Not a fan-boy rant, the team tackles the new film to the ground.  In the end, we take our blue-skinned beautiful selves and head off with Eric.

52 new first issues

I am agog, I am aghast, 52 new numbers ones at last!



In part II (starting at 39:30 minutes) we turn our queer eyes to the DC relaunch. Learn which of the new #1′s we’ll be following, what books we’re sad to see go and our thoughts on the business decisions behind the re-launch, re-imagining, re-boot, remix coming in September.



06 2011

Issue 150 – Drawing the Line at Suck


Something seems very familiar about this reboot...launch! ReLAUNCH!

Hey Queerkateers!  This time around stevieD is joined by friend of the show Brian Andersen to talk all about the brand new DC Implosion Explosion! The boys go through all the announcements (up to Wednesday 06/08/11) and give their thoughts on all of them. Of course they go off on tangents, but it’s all good. Let us know what you think about the new issues coming up this September, contact us at or leave us a voicemail at the CBQ Booty Call line (773)340-3704





06 2011

Queer For Venom


Remember kids, brush every day!

I’m queer for Venom, yes the black and white freak with the long-ass tongue that eats people. I’m queer for the, as Snooki would say, the gorilla juice head looking villain that speaks in plurals because third person is only for pussies. With the launch of a  solo title and a new man wearing the black suit, it’s important to remember why I’m queer for this iconic villain. And I have no problem looking back at all the great Venom history; it’s full of gory, tongue slobbering moments.

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06 2011

Episode 149 What I meant to say was… Secret Seven Rocks!

Learn the secrets of Shade in Secret Seven #1

Look out you sexy bitches!

Avoiding Flashpoint like the plague?  You’re missing out on a great mini-series.  TonyL gives the queerkateers a quickie about Flashpoint Secret Seven, the 3 issue mini-series from Peter Milligan and (mostly) George Perez.

Plenty of spoilers in this issue!  Including some answers to the questions:  Who is the Changing Man?!

The madness is calling and it’s saying: listen to TonyL… if you dare!



06 2011