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Issue 122 – Herstory


The queers start out talking about the Heralds mini-series which prompts Stevie to give a dissertation on the history of Frankie Raye. The boys then go on to discuss books like New Avengers, Avengers Academy, Birds of Prey and X-SecondComing-Men. 


06 2010

Issue 123 – Mythology of 2 Straight Dudes in Love


Stevie pulled out his patented interview juice (Maker’s Mark Whiskey) to talk to the creative mucketymucks behind Modern Mythology Press, Eric M. Esquivel and Dave Baker. The boys discuss their latest book “Horrible Little People” and upcoming projects, as well as the influences in their work. Since these guys are fresh college graduates, they did most of the talking while Stevie kept sipping the ambrosia of the Gods. Enjoy!

Make sure to check out the boys’ work as well as Eric’s Article “Post-Modern Mythologies” over at the Bleeding Cool site.

Music copyright the Dandy Warhols and the RoboCop 2 soundtrack.



06 2010

Issue 121 – Discussion of the Lost


The Queers discuss the finale of one of their favorite shows

Get your maps, get your compass, get your 4-toed giant statue, the boys are talking LOST!

Brett, EvilJeff and Steve talk about the Lost series finale, the series as a whole, and what they have been filling the void with.

Thanks to Mike Norton for the “Found” comic strip! Click on the picture to check out more of Mike’s awesome art!

The video Steve mentions towards the end of the podcast:



06 2010