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Episode 111 – Best of the Decade!


What were the best movies, TV shows and comics of the 2000′s? Well Evil Jeff, Stevie and Brett give their insightful opinions. They also discuss what the hell this decade is supposed to be called – The 2000′s? The Aughties? The zeroes? The onsies? 10 years of shit? Well, we couldn’t figure it out, so be sure to go to the boards to give us your opinion.




12 2009

Issue 110 – 2 Queers Several Comics


Spider-Man/Spider-Woman Iconic

This time around, EvilJeff and stevieD sit down to talk about what they read, what they liked, what they disliked, what infuriated them and why the “gingers” of California are getting a raw deal.

The boys spoil the hell out of: Blackest Night Wonder Woman; New Avengers; Necrosha; Something with an X; Psylocke; and JSA All-Stars



12 2009

Issue 109 – What are YOU Reading Now?


You know, it’s usually all about us bitchin’ and/or moanin’ about comics. Well, this week, we’re over it!ep109_cosmic

This time, stevieD sits down with a fellow podcaster, Darren from the Legion of Substitute Podcasters, and asks him the question, “What are you reading now?”

You can catch the LSP at


12 2009

Episode 108 – I am the most screwed over person on earth!


Brett and Stevie give Evil Jeff a call and talk some serious smack on the latest comics. Topics covered: Bendis’ Spider Woman, SWORD #1′s Kitty Pryde revelations and Morrison’s Batman and Robin. Oh and Brett tells us why he is over X-Factor.




12 2009