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Julia vs. Marvel Divas!


comicbookqueers103Howdy Queerkateers!

EvilJeff and I recorded our road trip to see a movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Along the way we discussed X-Men Forever; Blackest Night; Marvel Divas and junk.

Spoiler level – so high it can see Russia from here

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08 2009

stevieD Does Chicago Comic-Con


First and foremost, let me say that my comic book hobby has been and will always be…selfish. Therefore, if you’re looking for the news that’s come out of CCC or what celebrities were there, go to Newsarama or Comic Book Resources. That’s the sort of thing they do.

Now, back to me…

My dream has been to, someday, own every comic that I’ve ever wanted. So, when I go to cons, I’m there for the dealers (well…and the costumes, and the sCOMIC-Con??exy nerds, and the occasional panel). The management of this year’s con, seemed to know this and made it easy by adding a bevy of D to F list celebrities and ostracizing the biggest comic book publishers. It was odd to walk onto the convention floor and notice that there were no DC or Marvel booths. Later I realized that Image and Dark Horse were missing as well. The absence of these industry leaders was surprising. Several rumors floated around the con, with nearly all of them revolving around C2E2 coming here in April. Actually IN the city!

Even so, I deem this year a success!

IMG_0133I finally acquired something that’s been eluding me for years now, namely the DC tabloid edition of Superman vs. Wonder Woman! A dynamic tale of national loyalty vs. world peace, can you guess who represented what? I’m finally starting to round out my Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez collection!


Also, I found the Legion of Super-Heroes tabloid with the marriage of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. Drawn by my favorite LSH artist, Mike Grell. When he’s drawing, it’s the Legion of Super-Sexy! I mean, seriously, look at Cosmic Boy with his sideburns and magnetic bustier!

But the overall feeling, as I met with friends and walked the floor, was a bittersweet one. It felt as if we were saying good-bye to Wizard World Rosemont; which is sad because in all my years of comic nerdiness, it’s the only convention I’ve ever been to! But it was exciting too because I look forward to April when C2E2 gets here.


08 2009

MattFraction Comes Through Again


As our listeners know, Comic Book Queers and Best Comic Book Writer of All Time MattFraction ride the same mindway. Either we share a psychic rapport similar to Scott and Jean, or he listens to the show.

He heard us on bringing English Armored Psylocke back (albeit for a short time). He heard us on putting Emma, Dazzler and Northstar under the same roof. He heard us on Dazz and Northy becoming instant friends, and even one-upped us by having them take Pixie out for a night of underage drinking. He gave Northstar a boyfriend. He brought back Jean briefly and in a non-disruptive way. He gave Emma a sexual history we used to only dream about.

And now MattFraction has done it again.

For years, we have rallied against Chuck Austen for screwing up the Stepford Cuckoos’ names. Grant Morrison gave us Sophie, Phoebe, Celeste and Esme—leaving the 5th Cuckoos unnamed. Clearly, the original concept was for the 5 Cuckoos to spell out S-P-I-C-E, as a wink-wink to the Spice Girls. But nooooooo. Like most of the X-stuff he touched, Austen completely missed the joke when he named the 5th Cuckoo “Mindee”. So we got S-P-M-C-E instead, giving us the same feeling that we had just gotten pooped on like when we met the “real Xorn”. Gross.

But having just seen the Preview for Uncanny X-Men #514. we are thrilled to see that the fabulous MattFraction once again shows that he gets it like no other before him. (Check out the panel below!)


Picture 3

Irma. Only a girl named Irma, WHICH STARTS WITH AN “I”, would call herself Mindee.

We love you, MattFraction. Always and Forever.

Now, go to his site and support his work, Queerkateers!


08 2009