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Episode 102 – ComiCon 2009 (and Harry Potter too)


ComiCon 2009 – Success or Bust? The bitter queerkateers have no idea. They weren’t there. So they had to rely on listeners…well actually one listener to give us the deets. Meanwhile, we decided to talk Harry Potter. Admit it – you saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Admit it – you got all tingly (down there) when you saw Ron grasp his…broom. And you could have sworn he was looking right at you through the silver screen with those hot Ginge eyes of his. Sigh. Anyway, we cover a lot of ground in this episode. The Hot Topics include: Harry Potter, ComiCon 2009, the comic podcast – Chronic Insomnia, listener calls, and of course the latest from Marvel, Image and DC!

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07 2009

Pervert my Cartoons, please!



When I was a kid, my friends and I used to turn the sound down on the Saturday cartoons and talk over them. You could make He-Man gay and the Smurfs cuss their asses off. Now, thanks to Youtube, people are posting their redubs for all to see. Most are not funny, but some are quite genius.

The GI Joe PSAs have been around for years, but I still can never get enough.


And this He-Man parody always puts a smile on my face…


And then my perverted friend, Sienna D’Enema decided to show what the world would be like if Jem from Jem and the Holograms was really a violent Drag Queen. This one is pretty disgusting and offensive. So, of course, I love it.



07 2009

Brett loses cool in front of Dave McKean



When will I learn that I shouldn’t ever meet my heroes?


07 2009

Simply Marvel-ous



Hello queerkateers,

Coming off our 101st Episode (you know, the gay one), we boys felt like giving some big gay props to Marvel.

In response to Rob Liefeld’s d-bag comments regarding Shatterstar and Rictor smoochy smoochy, both Joe Quesada and Peter David have stood behind the decision to out the X-Forcers’ relationship with dignity and a cool head. Quesada took the stance the EIC at Marvel gets to take, looking at it from a business perspective by saying in his Cup O’ Joe column over at CBR:

“The characters are Marvel’s, and if that’s the way the characters are written, then that’s the way the character is. If Rob wants to publicly disagree with that, that’s his right, and I respect that. But if Rob is intending on flipping what Peter has written, he will have to wait to discuss that with the next Editor-in-Chief.”

But it’s David, the guy that has brought X-Factor to 50 wonderful issues of steamy noir deliciousness (sometimes ;-) ) —the guy who pressed Rictor and Shatty’s hot, wet lips together in…ahem, sorry— who is is not taking any criticism silently. In a recent CBR X-POSITION X-TRA, David says some sensible, beautiful things about Rictor and Shatterstar (both as individuals and as a couple), and why people are so damn hung up on the gay thing (we know!).

Here are some of our favorite quotes, but you simply must read the full article.

As for their relationship, I really had three options: 1) I could continue to play coy. 2) I could contradict it. 3) Or I could build on it. In light of such anti-gay activities as Prop 8, option 1 seemed kind of insulting and out-of-touch. Option 2 seemed gutless (what, was I so weirded out by the notion that I would feel the need to toss out what previous writers had done?). On that basis alone, option 3 seemed the way to go.

Another amazing message of inclusion came later.

“Was Disney’s first animated Chinese heroine exploitative of Asians? Is the heroine of the upcoming “Princess and the Frog” exploitative of blacks? Or is it simply acknowledging that there’s a portion of the audience that hasn’t been served by past trends and it’s time to be inclusive? Romantic straight fans got Madrox and Layla’s kiss on the Boardwalk. So why shouldn’t romantic gays get some – you should pardon the expression – face time? Are gay readers somehow less entitled to see two men being openly affectionate than straight readers are for a man and woman? How in the world is parity remotely exploitative? I just don’t see it.”

It’s at this moment that David did something shocking! He moved beyond the sexuality of an LGBT character as their defining trait! WHAAAAA?

“Rictor is still the moody former mutant who believes he’s useless and yet keeps happening to save the day; Shatterstar is still a badass warrior. If we don’t spend every issue dwelling on the sex life of the straight characters, I’m not sure why anyone thinks we’d feel the need to do so with characters that are gay or, for that matter, bi.”

But then the best part came when he responded directly to Liefeld’s comments. MEOW!

“…Could someone come in after me and pull the “real” Shatterstar out from a pod at the bottom of Jamaica Bay, complete with pony tail, shoulder pads, and phallic symbol strapped to his back (no, nothing gay there), and declare that Rictor was kissing a Skrull? Sure. I’d like to think they wouldn’t, but no one’s promised me anything. And if they did, what would that mean?

…And if five years from now, Joe Q has moved on to bigger and better things and Rob is EIC of Marvel, well, so much for Joe’s promise. As for how Rictor was presented in the first 1/19th of his existence, well… a lot’s happened with him since then. I don’t know if Rob was reading any of it, but I’ll simply say this: a guy from another dimension running around with swords on his back? That’s contrived. People exploring their sexuality? Not so much.”

Hey, Peter? Thank you. You are one of the good guys.


07 2009

Episode 101 – This episode is so gay. No, really.

Brett, Evil Jeff and Steve decide to ruminate on how queer the world of comics has become. X-Factor has man on man action. Detective has girl on girl breakups. It’s too much for our faggy little minds to handle! 


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07 2009

Episode 100 – It’s Episode 100, Girl!

Oh, Winnie. She lit her cigarette off our anniversary cake.

Oh, Winnie. She lit her cigarette off our anniversary cake.

Celebrate with the queers! It’s our 100th episode and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had so much fun with you for 100 fabulous episodes. A huge hug and slap on the tush to our listeners for 100 episodes of debauchery, super duper guest stars, and so many hours of girl talk about that which we all love – the comic book.

The Fabulous Four—Stevie, Brett, EvilJeff and Eric—talk about some titles and play some of our most hilarious congratulatory Booty Call Hotline voicemails from our divine celebrity friends!

A raised glass to 100 more!


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07 2009

Rob Liefeld: National Treasure

Shattestar gives Rictor his hollow bone while Guido looks on.

Shattestar gives Rictor his hollow bone while Guido looks on.

Rob Liefeld (yes, the Rob Liefeld from the old Spike Lee Levi’s 501 Jeans commercials of the early 90s!) is the guy who created bottoming muscle twink superhero, Shatterstar. He is outraged to find out now that he’s gay (or bi) too. Watch Liefeld spew class here.


07 2009